Anonymous: The fact that you automatically assumed that the article was about America perfectly exemplifies your blindness to world issues. You want to believe everything about America is bad. You want to pretend that you're not in such a sad place of the world. My heart goes out to you man. Just don't hate on a country solely because everyone else does. There's a lot more about America than what the Internet would lead you to believe. Just like I'm sure there's more to your country than most believe.


I don’t “hate on a county because everyone else does”. Amerikkka is still pretty popular among the western world, simply because people are misinformed about it being the “beacon of democracy and freedom” whereas the complete opposite applies. America is a backward shit-hole where the majority of it’s people support the genocide of certain ethnic groups who’s culture and beliefs they cannot even understand.
Do yourself a favour and join the army. Make your country proud. Lol.